While creating the brand anatomy of MOMIDEA,

the goal was to reflect to the brand, this maternal mission, in other words, this brand new life that turns this experience of novelty which starts with the idea of having a baby and is continuously shaped with a positive perspective and physical changes, into a self-sacrificing figure.

Our logo;

Pale pink emphasizes feminine instinct, good personal care, chicness and simplicity. Figure of a mother with her head turned to the baby has a “maternal” connotation and represents self-sacritice.

Apostrophe/slash sign creates the impression of “maternal&belonging to mother” as part of the brand integrity.


MOMIDEA baby at the center of the brand, a baby holding the mother tigthly symbolizes brand sentimentality and loyalty. Baby figure placed at the same level with the mother’s heart. The color white in the logo symbolizes purity and simplicity with its positioning.

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